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Prepared environment for our kids

We are a private institution where we develop our small clients with all the care and love they need. We are located in a spacious villa in Hanspaulka, which has a garden and plenty of space for playing, fooling around, moving, creating and learning. The total capacity is 20 children in 2 classes. We employ industry professionals . Here you will meet a nurse and teachers who bring their experiences to Dragon Kindergartens not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad , where some have already been born. We have a carefully compiled educational program developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education , on whose framework the educational program we rely.

For our small clients we have prepared two Czech - English Children's groups - Little Dragons for children from 6 months, and Big Dragons for children from about 3 years.

Little Dragons

6 months - 3 years

Czech - English children's group Little Dragons, to which we accept children from 6 months of age. A nurse and a teacher take care of the children with proper care. Both lovingly develop their skills until the day they are ready to enter kindergarten.

Learn more , check out the Price List , and make an appointment with us! We invite you to our magical lair adapted for our little ones, where we will acquaint you with the adaptation and educational plan, our respectful philosophy in the spirit of Dr. Marie Montessori, and we will answer all your questions. We will be looking forward to you and your child!

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Big Dragons

from about 3 years until reaching the maturity of school attendance

Czech - English children's group Big Dragons, which is intended for children from about 3 years of age. The children are cared for by qualified staff, who devote enough space to careful pre-school preparation.

Learn more , check out the Price List , and make an appointment with us! We invite you to our dragon's lair, where we will acquaint you with information and answers to all your questions. We develop children according to a carefully elaborated educational plan so that we can prepare them for school and life in the best possible way. We are already looking forward to the next Big Dragons who will join us!

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